LECTURETemporary City – International Summer School in Urbanism

Our colleague presents his ideas about the Temporary City at the International Summer School in Porto

Can we look at the city as a laboratory, a space for experiment in continuous transformation?

Cities are full of possibilities to be (re)activated, by creating enabling conditions for all urban players to interact and share their creative energies. In this context temporary uses and participative strategies can play a major role, making the the planning process more flexible and inclusive.

On August 2, Giacomo Gallo presented the Temporary City – an alternative approach to urban planning and design through temporary uses – at the international summer school in urbanism “The Big Reset on Neighbourhood Design”, hosted by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, Portugal

Students from eight European universities took part in the 3rd edition of the summer school, working on six different neighbourhoods in the metropolitan area of Porto.

All the participants in the Summer School in Porto


  • Veerle Simons
  • augustus 2016